The Future of Facebook

February 24, 2011

As the phenomena we know as Facebook continues to evolve and dominate more of our internet lives we have to ask what is the next step for Facebook?

Recently, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg answered this question in a blog post on Facebook. This social media giant will soon release a revamped messaging system. This messaging system will consist of three key features. First, Seamless Messaging, which means users can choose the medium (SMS, IMs, or E-Mail) they wish to use to communicate with their friends. The user sends out a message via whatever messaging platform they prefer and their friend receives that message via their preferred messaging tool. Second, Conversation History, allows you to see all past communication with an individual friend as a single conversation thread. Third, the Social Inbox will filter in only the messages that the user wants to see.

Check out this video for a full tour of Facebook’s new messaging service!


In his blog post Zuckerberg outlined seven characteristics that will define this new messaging system: seamless, informal, immediate, immediate, personal, simple, minimal, and short. As a person that has grown up during this social media revolution these are all traits that attract me to social media. I am on Facebook more than any other site and being able to eliminate having to go to another site like Gmail is always a plus for me. I also like that all my communications with each friend is organized into a single conversation. This gets rid of looking through an endless list of single messages when looking for information from a past communication.


I see two problems with this new messaging system. First, I do not see people giving up email very easily, we are all still going to have to use email to an extent. There are plenty of people that are not Facebook users so we will have to resort to more traditional methods to communicate with them. Secondly, and more importantly to me is that if Facebook is now basically my email provider is this going to lead to even more junk mail/spam. One of the major ways Facebook already makes money is by selling its users information and likes to advertisers. I see endless spam in the future if Facebook allows advertisers into users emailing loop.

What do you think the impact of the new messaging system will be? Good or Bad? What do you think the future of Facebook will be?


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