How can Social Media Help my Company?

February 17, 2011

When looking at how social media is going to help a company the first thing most would ask is how much money will it make my company? Social Media is not going to directly show you huge increases in sales, but its effects are shown much more indirectly.

Back to Basic Business

Social Media is going to help large companies connect and get to know their customers. This ability to connect has been something only small local businesses have been able to achieve in the past, but social media has changed this dramatically. Social media gets back to the core goals of what businesses want to do, connect to customers and gain their brand loyalty so they will continue to buy your product.


All social media comes down to is connections. It gives people a chance to connect that would never have been able to. Businesses have been trying to connect to prospective customers for years by doing things like trade shows and sponsoring community events. Social Media offers this same connection accept it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What business leaders need to realize is what an amazing opportunity social media is for them. People that engage with corporations through social media aren’t always current customers, but usually potential ones.


In 2006 CareOne Debt Relief opened a community based site in which people could write in questions they had about things like debt and budgeting and get a response. Today there are more than 1.4 million people signed up to interact with CareOne’s debt experts due to the ease and trust in this credible company. It was not CareOne’s goal at first to gain revenue from this site, but they quickly realized the people writing in to the site were not already customers these were all prospective customers that were seeking help. The company opened themselves up to a huge population of people they never would have reached before and showed them the services they can provide.

This brings us back to my original answer to how companies benefit from social media. They are not going to see direct revenue increases from social media, but are going to see it pay off in connecting to customers they never would have.

Do you think companies benefit from the use of social media? Are there any companies you know of that are connecting effectively to prospective customers through social media?


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