Blogging 101: What Makes a Good Blog

February 7, 2011


When given the assignment of creating a blog, the first question that pops into my head as a first time blogger is, “What makes a good blog?”. I found some answers to this question in a great article by Grant Cardone who is an international speaker and author of NY Times bestselling book If You’re Not First, You’re Last.  The article is called Blogging for Rookies and it gives anyone starting to blog six helpful tips on how to get started. The first tip is to pick a topic that you are both familiar with and has to do with your field of expertise. Having background on the topic being discussed is key to gaining audience credibility. Readers are not going to care what you as a blogger have to say if you are not credible. The next tip is to key your blog opinionated. This lets your readers agree or disagree with you as well as evaluate your content. The next two tips somewhat go together which are to keep the posts short and put the most important information first. In the world of the internet if you do not grab the audience’s attention right away they are going to click on to the next page. You must get your point across fast. The last tip Cardone offers is to blog as much and as consistent as you can. The more you blog the quicker you can build up a readership.

Now that we know how to make a good blog I think it is important to see a really good example of a blog that executes these tips very well. With my interest in the world of social media I found the blog Social Media Explorer to be a great example for an inexperienced blogger to follow and learn from. The blog is run by Jason Falls, who owns a media consulting firm, and focuses on providing information and opinions about social media marketing, public relations, and internet communication. Check it out.

Do you all have any tips for first time bloggers or good blogs about social media marketing?


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